How it Works

The Invisible Bubble is a unique and easy installed device for overhead deactivation of airborne pathogens within localised spaces.  Used either in single spaces or in larger spaces with multiple devices.

Utilising the latest in UVC technology and patented methods we can effectively deal with the growing threat of airborne pathogens within indoor environments.

UVC Radiation has a strong germicidal effect and is provided by the short-wave band of the ultraviolet spectra between 240 and 270nm

When microorganisms are exposed to the UVC chamber within our device, the DNA/RNA is modified thus eliminating further reproduction.

These pathogens that are floating freely in room air and especially from aerosols that are created from human breath are drawn into our device where they are exposed to controlled UVC dosages known to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Microprocessor control allows for the correct dosage of UVC to be applied as well as monitoring all critical functions to ensure its safe use.


The Invisible Bubble How it Works
Safe Sanitised Air Space by Invisible Bubble
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