Are We Entering the Age of the Pandemic Era?

If someone had told me what would happen at this moment in 2020, I think I would have laughed. I had just spent the weekend in London going up the Shard and enjoying the buzz of the hustle and bustle of the Capitol. Never in an million years would I have thought that we would be living in a World full of masks and protective screens and social distancing.

So it’s wonderful now to be part of the team at Creative Product Innovations, creators of the remarkable Invisible Bubble. The Invisible Bubble is a powerful air sanitiser which which is 20 times more powerful than the WHO recommendations. This brand new patented design is now available for pre-order. Invisible Bubble is a unique and easy installed device for overhead deactivation of airborne pathogens within localised spaces. Used either In a single area or In larger areas with multiple devices. It literally cleans your air like never before. And yes the possibilities for this new product are endless.

Air Sanitisation just got serious! For more details about the Invisible Bubble contact 0303 6660000 or email